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Shockwave Therapy 


 ECSWT is a widely used treatment mechanism for a number of soft tissue injuries. Numerous studies have demonstrated positive outcomes in 60-80% of cases. Outcomes are improved when ECSWT is used with other treatments such as orthotic devices. 

ECSWT uses high energy radial shockwaves transmitted from a probe held against the skin and penetrating deeper tissues. The treatment is believed to increase blood flow and accelerate the healing process, in addition having a numbing effect.

What to expect

After a simple examination of the area shockwaves are applied through a handpiece held against the skin. The initial phase of treatment can cause deep pain however should reduce over the course of the treatment becoming numb or feeling heavy. Treatment lasts up to 5 minutes and around 2000 pulses will be delivered. The settings can be altered to suit your tolerance. You will need at least 3 treatments each 1 week apart.

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